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Civic Consultants was founded in 1986 by a group of employees dedicated to provide the best possible solutions to various engineering problems. Each of the senior employees of the firm has in excess of 20 years experience in the consulting engineering field. Their experience is derived from a diverse number of projects throughout British Columbia. These projects include work for various government bodies such as the Department of National Defense, Fisheries and Oceans (Federally); the Ministry of Transportation and Highways and the Ministry of Environment (Provincially); and numerous municipal governments. As well, experience has been gained in private land development work, from small potable water problems to multimillion dollar subdivision projects.


Civic Consultants today is a corporate organization consisting of professional engineers, technologists and technicians and other support staff. The firm offers comprehensive engineering consulting services from conception of a project to the in-service inauguration.


Civic Consultants' project experience, serving private industry and government in British Columbia, brings to client's needs the highest level of professional ability, the latest technology, personalized service, cost effective and efficient designs and the ability to apply all the above in a speedy practical manner. Throughout the industry, Civic Consultants is well known for their high quality technical design and product.


Computers are used extensively throughout with roadworks, earthworks, water systems, storm systems and sanitary systems software integrated with CAD equipment. As well, several industry wide specification systems, from the National Master Specifications to individual municipal engineering specifications are available by computer to form the basis for clearly written efficient contract documents.


Civic Consultants have provided engineering consulting expertise in projects such as heliports, airports, all weather playgrounds, marine docking facilities, topographic surveys, multi-zoned land developments, campgrounds, strata titled recreational developments, mobile home parks, community water supply and treatment facilities, community sewage and treatment systems, construction inspection, construction survey layout, project management, storm water management, condominium developments, Fraser River dyking projects, Federal Fisheries hatchery developments, arterial highway projects, forestry road projects, municipal engineering services, solid waste landfill designs, etc.

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